Summer Watermelon Sticks

June 26, 2021

Serving watermelon without the mess

You can’t have summer without watermelon, right? Every picnic and BBQ calls for this refreshing side, but every guest may not love the watermelon “smile” that comes with it. With this trick, you can enjoy watermelon in easy to serve pieces all summer long and save the sticky face for the kids! Let me show you the BEST way to slice watermelon!

Follow these Simple Steps for Watermelon Sticks

Slice both ends of the watermelon and discard.

Next, slice each half of the watermelon into “rainbow slices”. The thickness of your slices will determine the thickness of the watermelon “sticks” so it is up to you. I like to slice it into 1 inch slices.

Slices don’t have to be perfect…fun summer food rarely follows a recipe! Plus doesn’t everything taste better after a day on the water and soaking in the sun?

Let’s pause for a moment to look at these amazing colors! Incredible!

Okay, now you’re going to take a few of those rainbow slices and stack them up like this…

Now watch, here is where the stick part comes into play. Once they are stacked a few high, simply cut into strips again and discard those end pieces which will be mostly rind.

Keep going all the way across and then repeat with your next few rainbow slices until you are done.

Done! Now you get to drop them in a serving dish and they will be the perfect addition to your summer table. They also store easily and compactly in a gallon bag if you are headed for a day on the water, making them the perfect cooler snack. You can also freeze them the night before for a fresh, cool snack on a hot day. They are even better than a popsicle!

Miraculously, it will seem like you got so much more out of your watermelon by slicing it this way. I don’t understand it, but I sure am happy about it! And consider yourself warned…eating watermelon this way is highly addictive!

Whether you take your watermelon “sticky” or in “sticks”, I wish you all a happy and safe summer with your friends and loved ones!

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