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Are you ready for a refreshing take on design?  

Life transitions usher in new homes, room refreshes and remodels, sometimes unexpectedly. In a world full of endless pins and hashtags, Kristen will guide and narrow your focus to customize your home. Kristen will help you to identify the “why” behind your need for a new space and suggest practical layouts and smart functionality driven by the way you live.  

Once the structure of the room works for you, Kristen is passionate about “what” will fill each room. Working with you to create a well curated space of furnishings, decor and memories reflecting who you are is a very special part of the process.  

You deserve to thrive in your space with the ones you love!  

serving clients worldwide via edesign + locally in San diego, ca

Kristen’s approach to design puts you and your individual style at the center of all the decisions along the way. Whether you need to use what you have for a quick refresh or you must start from scratch, Kristen will listen and help you identify your wants and needs and make them a reality. 


Hiring Kristen will infuse structure and organization into your project that may otherwise seem overwhelming. Whether we meet via video call or are standing in your home, Kristen will customize your plan to make it approachable, accessible, affordable and most importantly, fun!

The experience

Services include consultation, strategic planning, organization and design as it relates to home buying and selling, rental home updates, “use what you have” room refreshes and transitions, room redesign, cabinetry, remodels and new home builds. Clients can meet with Kristen Dena Design locally in San Diego or remotely via our eDesign capabilities. Please inquire if you have a question on a service not listed here. 


Simple, streamlined scheduling is designed with your busy calendar in mind. Book complimentary consultations, eDesign video calls and 1 hour in person consultations online, at your convenience. If a conflict comes up, rescheduling your appointment is an easy click away. Book now! 


Pricing is clear and concise at Kristen Dena Design.

eDesign video calls will be charged at a rate of $75/half hour.

eDesign is an excellent option for many clients, both in and out of San Diego. Remote clients, a tremendous amount can be accomplished in a series of 30 minute sessions. For the busy client in San Diego, this is a great service with flexible scheduling and no need to have someone in your home. The video call allows Kristen to see your space, provide real time suggestions and equip you with ideas to update the room. This service is excellent for, but not limited to, clients who would like to use what they have and just rearrange and refresh, clients who are renting, clients who need a room to transition (child to teen room, for example) clients looking to put a few finishing touches on a room, or clients wanting to discuss furniture placement. 

Design boards Begin at $200 per room/board
final pricing based on project consultation with Kristen

Design Boards are collections of furniture, accessories or other elements for a specific space. This service is a complement to an eDesign video call or in home consultation and provides a suggested list of items for the client to purchase based on discussions during the meeting. In addition to a board displaying all the items, you will also receive a pricing list and links to all items included on your room board or source list. You control what you want to purchase on your own timeline and manage install. No costly percentage markup on items will be added. Occasionally, a client may be interested in purchasing a board for a specific need (ex: coastal light fixture under $500) and this can be accomplished without an additional consult call. Please email to inquire.

Design consultations will be charged at a rate of $250/hour
 one hour minimum in the home or field and half hour minimum in office 

A Design Consultation will suit the client seeking a more in depth look at their design needs. For the homeowner looking for an update, Kristen can advise how to use what you have to refresh your space or assist you with more involved updates to your space. For those clients remodeling or building their home, Kristen can provide valuable insights with a plan set consultation or walk through of your space that can improve the livability of the changes you intend to make to your home. Kristen would serve as a complement to the architect/builder/contractor in order to facilitate you, the client, getting the most out of your remodel or build. Additionally, Kristen can consult on cabinetry, finishes, paint color, furniture placement, sourcing and more. In need of a service not listed here? Please inquire at

Real Estate Consultation will be charged at a rate of $250/hour
one hour minimum

Kristen brings valuable insights to the home buying and selling process for both real estate professionals, home sellers and home buyers. Understanding expectations, budget parameters and the emotions of the real estate process are critical when working with brokers, agents, buyers and sellers. Kristen demonstrates an understanding of the sensitive nature of the process and will work to be supportive to all parties involved to reach the common goal: a home buying or selling process where the client feels supported and confident with the outcome.

For real estate professionals, Kristen will provide suggestions and ideas to your client on one or more homes. Many buyers can narrow the search to a few homes, but find the final decision challenging. This is especially true in a situation where the homes are not turn key. According to the National Association of Realtors, the “3 Top Joy Score Projects” when remodeling a home are a Kitchen Renovation (10/10), a Closet Renovation (10/10) and a Full Interior Paint Job (9.8/10). Having a designer walk the home with your client will allow them to see the possibilities in the property and potentially lead to a strong offer.

Home Buyers…did you know that according to the National Association of Realtors, 76% of you will find your home on a mobile device? As representative as a virtual tour can be, nothing replaces walking through a home and envisioning yourself in the space. Often times, there will be improvements and adjustments to be made to the home. Kristen brings a wealth of experience in the renovation and customization of homes and she will make real time suggestions for improving the home, reflecting your needs and style.

Home Sellers…first impressions are everything in the world of home sales. Kristen’s suggestions for depersonalizing and making slight adjustments to your space will assist buyers to see your home with the consideration it deserves. Budget conscious at all times in this process, the goal for you as a seller is a quicker sale for you and a buyer who can visualize living in that space.

Absolutely not! This is a “come as you are”, collaborative process. We can define your style and preferences as we go and this will yield a better result for you! Often the favorite elements of a design are ones discovered along the way.

Do I need to have a clear definition of my style before working with Kristen?

Kristen’s advice: don’t wait any longer! If you have clutter, mess or your furniture doesn’t fill the space well, this is what Kristen wants to see. By seeing how a space does not work, she can offer creative solutions to improve your home. eDesign video calls are a great option for the client that is not comfortable having someone in their home, but would like guidance in a few specific areas. No preparation is required for video calls or in person visits…as Kristen says, come as you are!

I have so much to clean and organize in my house before I could book a session with a designer.

Certainly. In this case, Kristen’s role would be to equip you with information so that you could advocate for your needs on your project to yield the best results. If a relationship with other trades has been established, Kristen will be supportive of you as the client and help you create a vision for your project that you can then articulately and concisely present to your contractor to improve clarity, timelines and ultimately results. Kristen would be there to support you, the client.

I have hired a general contractor and/or subcontractors, I just need some guidance behind the scenes on the process and my finishes. Will you work with a team already in place?

No matter the scope of the project, we are here to help. Whether we schedule a video call to discuss wall art over your sofa or meet in person to rejuvenate a whole house, Kristen Dena Design is built to serve your needs. Pricing is always clear and straightforward, with no hidden costs.

I have a question on one particular space, is there a minimum requirement for the size of the project?

Yes! Paint color selection is a very common frustration and you are not alone! Kristen has a number of tips and tricks to help you with your interior and exterior paint selections. If this is the only area you’re stuck on, Kristen is happy to help.

I struggle picking paint colors…can you help?

Whether you rent or own, you deserve a space you love. With advancements in furnishings and decor developed specifically for those clients who are renting, your space can be enhanced in a very stylish way while not being structural. Even though a space may be temporary, the design should be thoughtful and enduring with pieces selected for their adaptability and ability to move with you in the future.  

I dream of having a space that truly reflects me, but I’m renting. What can I do?

Kristen’s approach to every project is relationship driven. What sets Kristen apart is the concept that everyone has a story. Kristen wants to know yours! By getting to know you, your needs and what brings you fulfillment in a space, you will feel listened to and involved in the project. You, the client, will be central to the process, making sure that you are comfortable with the choices and ensuring your passions are reflected in the design.  

I want to be involved in the process, but I’m concerned a designer will just “take over”.

Of course! Kristen will ask if you have stores that you prefer, whether an aesthetic choice or a budget decision, and work to pull pieces that work for your space. You, as the client, can always suggest a few stores and indicate that you are open to suggestions and Kristen will source from other retailers as well. Kristen does not assign markup to sourced items. A curated list will be given to you to order and receive as your budget and timeline allow. The choices are yours, you will never feel pressure to purchase.

I have my favorite stores that truly reflect my style. Will Kristen shop those specific stores?

Yes! This is a great time for design input. Many homebuyers fall prey to the pressure of pins and hashtags and may make a decision based solely on finishes and miss the fact that the home will not function for your family. Kristen will walk you through your needs in a home and assist you in identifying which home best meets your needs. If your selection is turn key, fantastic! If your new home needs updating to become your dream home, Kristen will stay on and help you achieve your goals.

I have been house hunting for months, and I’ve narrowed the search to a few homes but just can not decide. Would design input help me select a home?

Frequently Asked Questions

Call Kristen! Sellers are often tasked with depersonalizing a home for sale, but simply hearing that term can strike an emotional chord. Kristen understands the sensitive nature of this process and will guide you in making budget friendly updates that will enable buyers to envision themselves in the home.

I am selling our home after many happy years and I have been advised to freshen it up for sale. What should I do?

Kristen has a strong background in assisting real estate professionals to see how a property could serve a wide range of buyers. While offering suggestions ranging from furnishings to remodels, Kristen will share multiple creative viewpoints that can be included in your marketing strategy or your conversations with potential buyers at Open House events.

I’m a real estate professional and I just secured a new listing. However, the property has unique challenges and I’m struggling to market it…any suggestions?

Pricing is straightforward and specified here on the Services Page. Clients will be invoiced and payments can be made by cash, check, credit card, Pay Pal or Venmo for your convenience. 

How do you handle billing and payments?

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