Picking the Perfect White Paint

October 5, 2020

Picking the perfect white paint can be more challenging than you expect!  With this trick up your sleeve, you will find the white that enhances your home and provides the perfect backdrop for your furnishings and view to shine.

Benjamin Moore Whites

These whites from Benjamin Moore appear similar at first glance of the fan deck or in your local paint store.  We’ve all done this…find what we think is the perfect color and then once it is on the walls, it reads too yellow or too blue.  To minimize those frustrations, the first tip is to never pick a paint color in the paint store.  No matter if the lighting is great or poor, it will be different than the lighting you have in your space.  Always bring the swatches home and be sure to look at them on multiple walls at different times of day.  Morning light in your room is going to be very different from late afternoon or evening light.  The paint color will “change” as the day goes on and you want to be sure you love it at all times.

My second tip and the one that is most helpful when picking the perfect white paint is to set it atop a bright white piece of paper.  Most of us agree that copy or printer paper is a bright, true white to our eye.  As you can see in the picture, suddenly you can clearly see all the color undertones of the whites you are considering.  This is the point where the whites will appear yellow, blue, green or gray as you look at them.  This is especially helpful if you plan to paint your trim a bright white and just want a bit of difference on the walls.

Dutch Door, white trim, white dutch door

Once you find the perfect white paint, your room will shine with timeless style and be a crisp backdrop for your furnishings and art.  Whether your style leans more coastal or modern, farmhouse or transitional, the right white is a fantastic choice.

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